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Transparent fees, superior value

We charge fees based on your account size for assets held with Fraser Barker Advisory Group of ACPI.

While the fee structure varies slightly between clients, we don’t charge more than 1% of assets. (For a $550,000 account, this is $5,500 annually).

We don’t have hard and fast asset minimums, but we typically serve clients with $250,000+ in assets.

More Details

  • We send you an annual statement that discloses the actual dollar amount you’ve paid in fees for the calendar year.
  • Our in-house tax expertise and advice is included in your fees.
  • Our in-house insurance expertise and advice is included in your fees.
  • We don’t charge fees for trading mutual funds.
  • Depending on client size, we may pay trading fees for securities, bonds and ETFs as well as administration/trustee fees.

We are always happy to explain how we get paid and the value you are receiving.

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