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Our Value

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Your Best Interest At Heart

We are Tax Experts. 

Our in-house CPA/CAs understand the implications of taxes on your wealth. 

Whether you need help with succession planning or the sale/acquisition of a business, or real estate, we understand the tax ramifications. 

We don’t prepare tax returns, but we can refer you to a trusted tax professional, and review your returns.

Our Focus is You.

We want long-term relationships with our clients. 

Building and supporting your holistic financial plan is the basis of our relationship with you – not selling financial products. 

We always put your interests first.  Only you compensate us.  Our fees our are fully transparent.

We are Insurance Experts.

We fully integrate advice on insurance with all aspects of your financial plan. 

We help you understand what insurance you have and what you may need. 

We are also licensed to sell insurance with most Canadian brokers and providers, but have no affiliation with any specific provider.

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Wealth Management and securities are provided by Fraser Barker Advisory Group of ACPI.

Wealth Management